Watercolor Thank you stack

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This simple thank you card was CASED from Susan Itell’s Simple Stampin Feb. 14 post.  Tonight we were invited to fun pizza gathering.  Thirty minutes before it was time to leave, I had the brilliant idea to make some cards as a hostess gift.  What could I make in 30 minutes?  Then I remembered Susan’s post from yesterday, and knew I had the answer.  The only problem was, I don’t own the set she used to make the flower and leaves.  The great thing is you can CASE a card, and just use what you have.  I love the Stampin’ Up! single stamp Watercolor Thank You.  Every stamper needs this stamp.

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I made five of these cards and five lined envelopes.


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Here they are packaged up and ready to go!  If you own stamping supplies, take a few minutes and make a thoughtful homemade gift.  I’m sure our hostess tonight really appreciated them.

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