Swirly Bird Olympics card

Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics?  I and millions of others around the world experienced a treat last night!  I love the Olympics!  As I was watching you know what popped into my head?  Yep, the Olympic rings can be made with Swirly Scribbles Thinlits.

StampinUp Swirly Scribbles Olympic rings card designed by demo Beth McCullough.  Please see more card and gift ideas at www.StampingMom.com #StampingMom

I guess if you want to make a card with circles, you need a Swirly Bird stamp set!  It is so versatile.

What’s your favorite part of the Olympics?  Mine by far, is the women’s gymnastics.  I was a gymnast until high school and it is my favorite sport.   Because Superman and I have been best friends since we were 12, he loves watching gymnastics too. Have I told you I’ve known Shawn Johnson since she was six?  Shawn is the Olympic Gold medal gymnast from 2008.  Well, I don’t personally know her, but I know of her because my kids did gymnastics at Chow’s with her and I spent many years at the gym.  She is an awesome gymnast and a wonderful Christian gal with such good character. Shawn does recognize me.  How is that you say?  Well, Steve and I followed Shawn to all her meets during her Olympic year of 2008.  We didn’t go to the actual Olympics, but went to Chicago, Boston and New York City, which were her big meets leading up to the Olympics.   We had so much fun!

So who am I cheering for this year?  Well Simone Biles is awesome and will win the whole thing!  I’ve known of her since that meet back in Chicago in 2008.  Another favorite is Ally because she is awesome too!  The new gymnast I’m cheering for is Laurie Hernandez.  She and Simone are full of energy with bubbly personalities.

I won’t have much time to make cards in the next couple weeks because I’ll be busy watching the Olympics.  I actually like watching all sports, not just the gymnastics. 🙂


Beth 🙂





  1. Beth (Post author)

    I agree Kathy! Unfortunately, we booked our week at Family camp 14 months in advance and I didn’t know the Olympics would be this week. We are going to miss some of camp while I watch the women’s gymnastics.

  2. Beth (Post author)

    Great minds think alike Kim!!

  3. Kim Jolley

    This is great. I had the same thought of using those for this type of card, but hadn’t got around to it yet. Good job!

  4. Kathy O

    I also will be doing very little but watching the Olympics. I love them. So travel plans, family plans all have to work around the time period the Olympics are on.

  5. Pat Knight

    I only saw part of the opening last night since I was helping my granddaughter celebrate her 4th birthday. I did see the athletes marching in. So what is the significance of the plant that was carried with the flag bearer.
    I love the gymnastics, swimming, diving, track and on and on. My daughter and I went to the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996. What an experience.

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