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traderjoestraderjoestraderjoesAre you ever in the situation where it’s time to go to an event and at the last minute you think, “I should bring a hostess gift!”  Well, I find myself in that situation all the time.  My go to stamp set for last minute emergencies is Stampin’ Up! Watercolor Thank You.  In this case, I was visiting a friend with a broken ankle and it happened to be her birthday.  I went to Trader Joe’s and got her French Vanilla Ice Cream (best ice cream ever!), Midnight Moo Chocolate Syrup and 50% Less Salt Peanuts.  There are two important things I need to mention here.  First of all, the Trader Joe’s clerk asked me what I was doing that day and I told her about my friend and that I was taking the ice cream etc. to for her broken ankle.  Well, the clerk got a reusable Trader Joe’s bag for me to use as a “gift bag” and ran and picked out some flowers for me to take to her also. ( The bag and flowers were free!) Trader Joe’s is an awesome store!  Second important thing is a note to my friends and family: If I break an ankle or other body part, please bring me the ice cream, chocolate syrup and peanuts pictured above. 🙂

Anyway now that the broken ankle was covered, I thought I really should bring her a little something for her birthday.  Since other people had also probably been bringing meals and maybe even ice cream, I thought she might need some thank you notes to send.  I spent the next few minutes whipping up 5 cards and envelopes.


Not to be outdone by the cute Trader Joe’s bag, I came up with a cute Berry Basket to present my cards.


Broken ankle gift- check

Birthday gift- check

It was time to go visit my friend and she loved both gifts.  When you need a last minute gift, make sure you have Watercolor Thank You on hand.  It’s saved me more than once, HERE’S another easy gift I made with Stampin’ Up! Watercolor Thank You.

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Beth 🙂



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  1. Marlene Heringer

    Very cute and generous!

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