Paisley Party Ensemble

Do you love to entertain?  Whether it’s a small gathering or a formal meal, this tutorial has a few special touches for you to make.  This ensemble provides those little things that you can turn to time and time again whether you’re having friends over for nibbles and drinks or for a celebratory meal. There’s even some packaging included so that your guests don’t go home empty handed.


This great gift packaging project comes to you designed by Sara! If you have a chance, please head on over to Craft Project Central and leave Sara a comment on her project.

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Some of you have asked why I’m promoting Craft Project Central?  It’s a great resource for project tutorials and I’m a guest designer for them in September.  I will continue to post sneak peeks of all the September projects and the project I made for them goes live on September 27.  Please subscribe to my blog or stop back on September 27 to see the sneak peek of my projects. I can’t wait to show you! One of my projects features the Ghirardelli minis that Superman and I picked up when we were in Chicago in August!

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I have a group Pinterest board for demos or anyone who makes Stampin’ Up cards or gifts.  Please follow the group board here and send me an email and let me know you want to post your projects on the group board.  Once you’ve been invited, you can invite your friends or team mates to also post Stampin’ Up projects on the board.  Your Pinterest traffic will greatly increase if you post to group boards.   Also, please click on the “heart” icon and like the cards you like on the board.  This will also increase Pinterest exposure.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

It’s a beautiful weekend here in Iowa!  I got lots of walking and gardening done.  Yesterday when I got back from my walk, I was surprised to see Superman busy painting the foundation on the south side of the house!  What a sweetie!  Now we only have the door on the back of the garage and I also want to touch up the front garage doors.  The house will hopefully look great by the time we have Abby’s graduation party the end of May.  While we aren’t doing these things for the party per se, I’m sure no one would notice, but I always get more done when I have a deadline.  So my deadline for house projects is Memorial Day weekend 2017!

Abby’s excited that Heartland Youth Choir started up again this weekend.  Keegan is excited that his brother Ryan came home from college again this weekend.  My parents stopped by Friday evening and were surprised Ryan was here.  They asked if he lived here all the time now?  No, but he is home a lot more than he used to be.  Since I know what it’s like to have Sean far away in Seattle, I feel blessed to have Ryan here whenever he wants to be, because he may move far away after he graduates from college too.

I’m now off to finish my Bible Study Fellowship lesson.  I love my new group.  I have 17 wonderful ladies!  We are studying the book of John.  I’d love to tell you about Bible Study Fellowship or answer any questions you might have.

Hope you had a nice weekend too!


Beth 🙂






  1. Karen Emery

    I love the 12×12 gift bags.

  2. Beth (Post author)

    Hi Nancy,

    I’m so glad you’ve done BSF too! I’m sorry you missed Revelation last year.

    Beth 🙂

  3. Nancy Easler

    BSF is something else we have in common. I have done all the studies in the past except Revelation.

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