My Stamping Studio

I started stamping back in 2003 on a card table in our bedroom.  I quickly outgrew the table and convinced Superman to let me move a table into his office.  By 2005, he “kicked me out” of his office and I moved into our dining room.  That presented a problem, because the dining room table was always covered in cardstock scraps that I couldn’t bear to throw away and I didn’t have any kind of organization system in place.   My table was piled high with stamping stuff and we were not able to invite friends and family into our home for dinners.  Steve graciously traded with me somewhere around 2009 and put his office in the dining room.  I got the “real” office at the front of the house.  Steve’s office consisted of a desk, computer, TV and chair so it was easy to clean up for company.  I was very happy in my office with french doors that I could close and hide my mess.  Steve, not so much…sometimes while he was on a conference call, we had four kids racing around the house and two dogs barking.  Steve wanted back in his real office with doors, but was scared to put me and my even bigger stamping stash back in the dining room.  In 2016 Steve came to me with a proposal.  If he could move back into his real office, I could turn the dining room into a real “built in” Stamping Studio and add the Sunroom on the back of the house that he promised me 25 years ago.  The living room would become the new dining room.  “Let me get this straight,” I said, “I get a Stamping Studio and a Sunroom? What’s the catch?”  Well the catch was the Stamping Studio has to be neat and organized. Stamp n Storage to the rescue!  I ordered two Three-Tier Paper Holders, six 8.5 x 11 Paper Holders, 60 Combo Holder (for ink pad, marker and refill bottles), 64 Compartment Lock-Down Punch Holder and lots of 6×7 Magnet Cards for my Framelits.  I also ordered cabinets and countertops on sale at Menard’s.  The good news for you is Stamp n Storage is having a private sale right now, and you can get 15% off anything through today July 31.  You have to go through my link and enter the coupon code SAVE15.

Stamping studio of Stampin Up demo Beth McCullough. Please see card and gift ideas on my blog #StampingMom #cute&simple 4u

By Thanksgiving 2016 my new Stamping Studio was a reality. This is the stamping side of my studio.  The pink dog bed is for Maya and Molly.  I usually stand right there to stamp and they lay in their bed and keep me company.  You can tell from the Christmas tree that I took these pictures several months ago. 🙂

Stamping studio of Stampin Up demo Beth McCullough. Please see card and gift ideas on my blog #StampingMom #cute&simple 4u

Here’s the office side.  My one regret is I wish I would’ve lowered the counter to normal desk height.  I’m not the tallest gal and climbing into my tall chair isn’t always easy.  I’m also sure it’s not ergonomically correct. The monitor to the left is my T.V.

Stamping studio of Stampin Up demo Beth McCullough. Please see card and gift ideas on my blog #StampingMom #cute&simple 4u

Here’s my display shelves. The bottom shelf shows some of the projects I made when I got to be a display stamper for OnStage in November 2016.

Stamping studio of Stampin Up demo Beth McCullough. Please see card and gift ideas on my blog #StampingMom #cute&simple 4u

I love all my Stamp n Storage, but my favorite piece (I would recommend you get this first) is the 60 Combo Holder for ink pads, markers and refill bottles.

Stamping studio of Stampin Up demo Beth McCullough. Please see card and gift ideas on my blog #StampingMom #cute&simple 4u

Here’s my 81/2 x 11 paper storage and stamp set storage. I love having the paper on display and easy access.

Stamping studio of Stampin Up demo Beth McCullough. Please see card and gift ideas on my blog #StampingMom #cute&simple 4u

My 12 x12 paper fits inside this cabinet and is organized within two Three-Tier Paper Holders.   My paper scraps and retired 8-1/2 x 11 paper are in these two big drawers under the counter top.

Stamping studio of Stampin Up demo Beth McCullough. Please see card and gift ideas on my blog #StampingMom #cute&simple 4u

You walk through my Stamping Studio to get to the Sun Room.  By far my favorite two rooms in the house!  I could not be happier with my new stamping office.  It is so enjoyable to have a space that is organized, and that I can share with others.  I have friends over to stamp almost every week.  If you’ll be in the Des Moines, Iowa area, email me and let me know when you’ll be in town.  I’d love to have you over to stamp with me!

By the way, Steve gets embarrassed that I call him Superman.  The story I told you today is just one small part of what makes him Superman to me.

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Beth 🙂



  1. Tonya Denton

    I am SO BEHIND on all of your posts Beth as I’ve been “A WALL” from stamping and even FB for the past few months. I think the last time I commented on your blog was back in May. I just have to share that I am SUPER excited for you as I know you LOVE your new Stampin’ Studio! I, too, LOVE your NEW Stampin’ Studio!!! ENJOY!!

  2. Beth (Post author)

    How exciting Denise! I can’t wait to see pictures of your room!

  3. Denise Ferguson

    I love hearing your journey to an amazing space for your crafting. I’m in the middle of my little (10 X 11 ft.) craft room transformation myself. I bought some Stamp n Storage units at their flash sale here in Texas (that was fun!) & purchased Martha Steward craft furniture (now through Home Depot). Putting the furniture together was NOT fun, but I love the quality and shallow drawers for seeing all my stuff! I feel happy going into the room already. Thanks for sharing your story! Happy paper crafting!

  4. Beth (Post author)

    Thanks so much Anita!

  5. Beth (Post author)

    Thanks Judy. Sounds like you have a good situation too. Love it!

  6. Anita Geigley

    Lovely, lovely, lovely stamp room.

  7. Judy Palmer

    Great looking room! My stamp room comes with the rule that it has to be neat and tidy too. In exchange I got a once every 2 weeks housekeeper to come in to clean. It’s her rule that the craft room must be clean too. I think hubby put her up to it. It’s okay because it is well organized and that is the key. I don’t have SnS stff at this point in my life. It could happen in the future.

  8. Michelle Quinno

    Beautiful space, Beth! I want to do this some day.

  9. Donna Gotsch

    I have “ugly” colors I don’t use much either! So high up they should be!Good luck!!

  10. Beth (Post author)

    Thanks Kathy! You need to actually stamp with me next time! Maybe I should host one of our demo meetings?!

  11. Beth (Post author)

    You’re so sweet Joyce. I love it when you come over! Hope to see you again soon!

  12. Beth (Post author)

    You are correct Donna! My 3 step ladder stool didn’t make it in the pictures. When I designed the studio, I was supposed to be able to reach the stamps and all the paper. Everything got installed a little higher than I anticipated. I can reach all the stamps and the bottom 7 colors. I can’t reach the top 5 colors so I don’t use those as often. (just kidding!)

  13. Beth (Post author)

    Were you actually in Des Moines already? I didn’t think you ever made it here. It must’ve been when I was out of town? Hope you had a wonderful trip! Until next time friend. 🙂

  14. Donna Gotsch

    Love the stamp room/office! However, you said you were not the tallest person and had a hard time getting in your chair … how do you reach the top of your cabinets to get to the paper? I am only 5′ and could never get to that without a ladder! LOL!
    Congrats on such a beautiful space.

  15. Marilyn Meadows

    Great story Beth loved the photo De Monies was a one night stay for us we leave Canada for home on Wednesday lv marilyn

  16. Beth (Post author)

    Thanks Peggy! You never know when you might be driving through Iowa someday. I hope you’ll stop and see me.

  17. Kathy

    I’ve seen your studio in person and LOVE IT!

  18. Joyce Feddersen

    Beth, entering your beautiful stamping room and sun room has a component that has little to do with stamping. It’s like we step out of the chaos of my (and others) worlds, and just get to “play”. No pressure, no expectations, just fun. Thank you for sharing what you and Steve have accomplished with all of us. Love ya’.

  19. Peggy Noe

    Beth, thank you for posting the photos of your beautiful craft room and letting us in on your stamping story! Wish I lived nearby and could pop over to see it in person!

  20. Beth (Post author)

    Thanks Jenny. I can’t wait for you to come visit again. 🙂

  21. Beth (Post author)

    Thanks Jan. I’m not surprised you really like your 60 Combo Holder as much as I do. The Stamping Studio story is just one of the reasons that I call Steve Superman. It embarrasses him that I call him that, but he truly is super and I feel so blessed that he is my husband and best friend.

  22. Judy Hoffman

    Beautifully done. It looks like everyone is happy now. I have to stamp in my kitchen on an island. It’s hard because I still have to cook and the other counter tops get dirty or wet and sometimes when I start to use them for cutting, embossing, etc., the paper gets ruined. The good news is that I recently added a large free standing pantry which stores most of my supplies except the paper and punches which I keep in the bedroom. At least I get some exercise walking back and forth. ha ha

  23. Jan Ross

    Hi Beth: Loved your story of how you and your work spaces have evolved, and what a great lead-in to introduce the storage solutions found in Stamp-n-Storage. I do own the 60 Combo Holder myself,and quickly learned that was one of the best investments I have made in my journey as well. You have a really special and unselfish husband. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Jenny W

    Love it, Beth! So nice to have a beautiful, well-organized space!

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