#imbringingbirthdaysback birthday card from Shannon West!

Guess what arrived today?  A birthday card from the one and only Shannon West!  Yep!  Shannon is the awesome Stampin’ Up gal who started the #imbringingbirthdaysback movement and inspired me to participate.

StampinUp's Shannon West sent me a birthday card! See more card and gift ideas at www.StampingMom.com #StampingMom

I was so excited to find this awesome birthday card in my mailbox!  Shannon is making so many more cards than I am.  Another big difference is her cards arrive early and mine arrive late.  🙂

Stampin' Up Shannon West sent me a birthday card! See more card and gift ideas at www.StampingMom.com #StampingMom

All the cards have the #imbringingbirthdaysback on the back!  Thanks so much Shannon!  You made my day!  My birthday is actually next Tuesday, but I was excited to get the party started early.

Actually the last couple days have been pretty awesome!  Yesterday my dear friend, Donna, surprised me with a delicious coconut cream pie for my birthday! She also helped me organize my attic.  Yep, Donna’s a really good friend! Super Man challenged me to get the attic organized, and then he would deep clean the garage.  It was actually hard to walk through the attic and impossible to find anything.  Now I have a map and know where everything is.  When my nephews, Liam and Gavin, come back for a visit, the Brio train bucket will be on the train table waiting for them.  Last time they were here, I couldn’t find it.  Anyway, attic- check.  Super Man when does the deep cleaning garage project begin?

Today was another fun day.  My friend Teresa and I have birthdays a couple days apart.  Janene, Teresa and I met for breakfast at La Mie Bakery in Des Moines.  We were shocked when we got there at 8:30am on Thursday and there was no parking and no tables.  Don’t people have places they need to be at 8:30am? Thanks for breakfast Teresa!  Janene gave us each a very cute Kate Spade kitchen towel and fancy brownie mix.

When I looked at the towel, it looked very similar to a flower in the free additional set sent to all Paper Pumpkin subscribers in April 2016, called All About Everything.


Inspiration can come from anywhere, here’s my Kate Spade knock off.

Kate Spade inspired CAS card designed by StampinUp demo Beth McCullough. Please see more card and gift ideas at www.StampingMom.com #StampingMom

Are you a Paper Pumpkin subscriber?  If not, you should be. It’s only $19.95 per month, and less if your purchase a subscription.  My Paper Pumpkin subscribers are invited to a free class every month to make creative Paper Pumpkin projects.  April subscribers- there’s a Kate Spade knock off card in your future.  Please stop by my blog tomorrow and I’ll show you my Kate Spade card set.

This afternoon Barb, my sweet BSF and stamping friend, and I worked on decorating 22 gift bags for a top secret BSF project.

StampinUp decorated gift bag made by demo Beth McCullough and Barb. See more card and gift ideas at www.StampingMom.com #StampingMom

Here’s one of the bags.  Isn’t it cute?  I’ll show you the rest of the bags when we complete our mission.

Keegan is practically living at his high school for the next two weeks.  They are putting the final touches on the musical, James and the Giant Peach.  They practice from 5-10pm.  I get up at 5:15am to exercise six mornings a week, so I have trouble staying awake late enough to go pick him up at 10pm.

It’s rained for the last two days.  Iowa could not be any greener than it is right now.  I think of my gardens and flowers when it rains.  Keegan told me this morning he loves it when it rains.  Rain=$ to him, because he mows lawns.

Have a great day!


Beth 🙂





  1. Beth (Post author)

    Hi Robin, I would love to see you in July! I grew up in the Davenport area. Steve and I moved to Des Moines the weekend we graduated from the University of Iowa and have been here for 30 years. Let me know when you’ll be in Iowa!

  2. Robin Myren

    I didn’t realize you were from Des Moines. My dad lives in Marshalltown where I grew up. I’m coming to visit in July. I’d love to meet up with you to stamp and talk!

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