#imbringingbirthdaysback and 101st Birthday!

Ellen Lemke is turning 101!  Ellen is a friend of a friend.  Here’s a card made by my friend and customer, Lynn.

StampinUp 101 birthday card made by Lynn Tague.

I love this card and I know Ellen will also.  Do you see how Lynn personalized it with her name? If you have time, would you like to send Ellen a card?  Here’s her address:

Ellen Lemke

PO Box 83

Bedford, Ia


We recently sent cards to Shannon West from Stampin’ Up! who started the #imbringingbirthdaysback movement.

Shannon's birthday

Shannon has put a smile on so many faces this year by sending them birthday cards, I’m so happy we were able to help put a smile on her face too.  Shannon received hundreds of cards!  Mine is in there somewhere.  Thanks to those of you who also sent her a card!

Who are you going to send a homemade card to today and put a smile on their face?

Keegan does not know the results of any of his auditions yet.  Tomorrow is the jazz choir audition.

Abby is thrilled to be done with  the AP tests.  These are college courses she’s taking as a high school student.

In the last week, we spent three days in Chicago, I hosted 13 of my BSF ladies for lunch, had two stamping classes and have finished most of my gardens. I have pictures and stories I’ll be sharing all week.  This is why there hasn’t been many blog posts lately.

Ryan just spent a week with Sean in Seattle and I’m picking him up at the airport tomorrow morning.  It’s good to have brother bonding.  I’m not sure what all they did, but I know Sean convinced Ryan to start a retirement fund.  What a good brother!  Every 20 year old needs a brother encouraging him to save for his future!


Beth 🙂


  1. Tonya Denton

    Well I enjoy your posts and I look forward to seeing the Word Art template! Thanks Beth! 🙂

  2. Beth (Post author)

    Good Morning Tonya! I love hearing from you! Lynn is going to send me the template and then I’ll post it. I’m excited to make a personalized card with it too! Glad you enjoy the stories and pictures of our day to day lives.

  3. Beth (Post author)

    Hi Paula! I checked with Lynn and she made the template with Word Art. After she sends it to me I’ll post it.

  4. Tonya Denton

    What a lovely card to signify and celebrate Ellen turning 101 years old! I, too, would love to know how she personalized the text in the circular format! Love it!

    BTW, I love your snippets of personal stories about your kids and/or what you’ve been up to! I look forward to your upcoming pictures and stories that’ll you’ll be sharing! Have a Marvelous Monday! 🙂

  5. Paula

    So cool how she personalized the name. Would love to know how!!

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