#imbringingbirthdaysback- A couple more homemade birthday cards and more…

homemade birthday cards

This card was made by Kathy Winter.  Her Facebook page is Create with Kathy.  Don’t you love the fun fold on this cute card?

homemade birthday cards-1

Notice Kathy didn’t write on the card.  I often do that when I give cards, so the receiver can “recycle” it and send it on to someone else.  I have been writing on my #imbringingbirthdaysback cards.  Do you think I should send them blank with a post it note greeting?

Stampin' Up! #imbringingbirthdaysback Birthday card made by Shannon West. See more card and gift ideas at www.StampingMom.com #StampingMom

This card is from Shannon West who started the #imbringingbirthdaysback.  Shannon’s birthday is coming up on May 13.  It would be great if we all send her birthday cards!  Her address at Stampin’ Up! is below.  I know if looks funny with the South and West in the third line, but it is correct.

Shannon West

Stampin’ Up!

12907 South 3600 West

Riverton, UT


Shannon is sending out hundreds or thousands of cards.  I’m going to send her some stamps to help with at least my card and a handful of others.  I feel a lot of pressure.  I would love to make her an awesome card.

My Stamping friend, Connie, is in the hospital tonight.  She has cancer.  Please pray for her for relief of pain and relief of infection.  I hope you’re back home soon Connie!

My BSF and Stamping friend, Barb, and I finished the 23 gift bags for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).  Barb headed up this project and did most of the work.  I just assisted a little.  We had some help filling them with individually packed snacks and gave them to the staff at the two churches where we have BSF.  Here’s a picture of the gift bags.  I hope it brightened their day and encouraged the staff.

StampinUp decorated gift bags made by Beth and Barb. See more card and gift ideas at www.StampingMom.com #StampingMom

Abby is happy to be done with the AP Chem test and is now getting ready for AP Lit.  This should be an easier test.

Keegan was happy to be home tonight after eight weeks of play practice.  He did mow the back yard and put out the weekly trash, but still had hours to do what he wanted!  He’s busy thinking up a name for a band he wants to start.



Beth 🙂




  1. Gloria Sperring

    Would showing us what your birthday card signing sheet looks like? I would never had thought of that. I haven’t gotten my stamp yet, it’s on B.O.
    I’ll help with stamps also!

  2. Beth (Post author)

    Thanks Tonya! I really appreciate your comments! The church staff loved the gift bags!

  3. Tonya Denton

    Love the gift bags!! They are so colorful and cheery! Shannon West will love your card! It’s simply so sweet and delightful in appearance! 🙂

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