Halloween Party Ensemble

Capture the spirit of Halloween with this party ensemble. It has everything you need to get ready for a spooky Halloween party that is totally delightful and not at all frightful!  Remember, if you don’t celebrate Halloween, this project can be easily customizable for any occasion by simply changing the designer series paper and the stamp sets.   If you’d like to have the tutorial for this project, hop on over to Craft Project Central and subscribe to September.  You’ll not only get this tutorial but all of the great projects for September!

Stampin Up Halloween projects.  Please see more card and gift ideas at www.StampingMom.com #StampingMom

This spooky project comes to you designed by Liz!  If you have a chance, please head on over to Craft Project Central and leave Liz a comment on her project.

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Abby and her friends had their pre party and post party for the Homecoming dance at our house on Saturday night.  The parents came over to take pictures and then stayed for dinner.  It was so much fun!  I made my healthier version of Cosi Cucina’s Ziti Cucina. (I did say healthier, not healthy!)  Superman made his world famous guacamole.   He makes it two or three times a week and I believe it may be my very favorite food!  Keegan went with a group of 20 juniors to the dance.  This was his first dance ever!  Superman went with Keegan to take pictures at their “party” house and rushed back to our house to finish making the guacamole.  We put Abby in charge to make sure Keegan got home on time.  His curfew was 12:30am.  Superman and I get up super early to exercise everyday so we were too tired to stay up.  Keegan made it home at 12:35am so all was well.  Both kids had a great time!


Beth 🙂




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