Fudge Boxes made with Stampin Up Mini Pizza Boxes

Stampin Up Christmas Mini Pizza Box designed by demo Beth McCullough. Please see more card and gift ideas at www.StampingMom.com #StampingMom #cute&simple4u

Steve likes to make fudge and people seem to enjoy receiving his fudge as a gift.  I have a Pampered Chef stock pot that Steve uses to make double batches of fudge.  He has “stirred” the coating off the pan.  I wonder if that would be under warranty?  Maybe not, if I tell them how many batches he’s made.  Actually we’ve lost count, even for this season.  He started by making fudge for our Thanksgiving guests.  When our sister-in-law accidentally walked into our next door neighbor’s house instead of ours, I texted them to apologize and let them know the person attempting to break into their home was actually our guest.  They replied that as long as a big plate of fudge would be delivered to them soon, there would be no hard feelings. 🙂  Yes, they’ve lived next door for a long time and their kids and grand kids are all fans of Steve’s fudge.

Stampin Up Christmas Mini Pizza Box designed by demo Beth McCullough. Please see more card and gift ideas at www.StampingMom.com #StampingMom #cute&simple4u

We gave fudge boxes to the Central Iowa Stampin’ Up demos that came for dinner the end of November.  My stamping team received fudge boxes as well as my BSF group and my leaders.  We made 18 fudge boxes for Steve’s coworkers.  We made fudge boxes for friends and neighbors.  If you know us and didn’t get a fudge box, I’m sorry…maybe it’s still coming or maybe we forgot.  I should’ve kept better fudge records.  Steve is also now accepting orders for fudge.  He had a couple people who wanted a double batch for their extended family coming into town. We’re even trading dog sitting for fudge.  Maybe we should trade fudge with a Pampered Chef rep for a new pan!

Stampin Up Christmas Mini Pizza Box designed by demo Beth McCullough. Please see more card and gift ideas at www.StampingMom.com #StampingMom #cute&simple4u

All our guests at Thanksgiving went home with a box of fudge like the one below.

Stampin Up Thanksgiving Mini Pizza Box designed by demo Beth McCullough. Please see more card and gift ideas at www.StampingMom.com #StampingMom #cute&simple4u

Which box is your favorite?  Please leave me a comment at the top of this post.

OK, so somewhere in the holiday festivities I forgot about this post which I wrote the end of December.  I have good news, however.  I did call Pampered Chef the beginning of January and can hardly believe it, but they replaced Steve’s fudge pan!  Steve is absolutely thrilled and will be ready to get started again on fudge next November.

These mini pizza boxes are still available and if you do anything crafty you need to buy some!  They are $6 for 8 boxes and are food safe. #144645

I don’t know if you noticed, but I used to call my husband Steve, Superman, when writing about him in my blog posts.  Steve is a humble Christian man and he was embarassed to be called Superman.  From now on he’s just Steve, but between you and me… I think he’s pretty super!


Beth 🙂

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  1. Beth (Post author)

    Hi Gloria,

    I hope they keep selling them as well. If I find out they are discontinued on May 31, I will stock up for next Christmas!

    Beth 🙂

  2. Gloria

    I really like the Christmas box with the red bow. I hope that they will continue selling the pizza boxes.
    Thank you for sharing. God bless

  3. Stephanie

    Until I read to the bottom of your post, I was going to offer to trade you a Pampered Chef pan for some fudge! Yes, really! Anyway, thanks so much for your entertaining post and tips for the mini pizza boxes. I can’t wait to try Steve’s recipe.

  4. Lora

    The boxes are so cute I love the designer paper you used and the bow is so awesome. I bet the fudge is fabulous also.

    I had never thought about putting food in them especially fudge. I would have thought the boxes would have been too small for fudge. I have never seen one other than in the catalog.

  5. Beth (Post author)

    Hi Debra,

    Steve doesn’t have a secret recipe. He basically uses the recipe on the Marshmallow Creme container. The key is in knowing how long to stir it. It’s done when the spoon leaves a trough behind it. Then it’s time to add the chocolate.

    Beth 🙂

  6. Beth (Post author)

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks so much for your recent comment. I’m glad they carried over the mini pizza boxes so you can still get some. I cut my fudge in one piece that just fits in the box and wrap it in plastic wrap. I can fit more in the box than if I cut it in little pieces, and the fudge doesn’t dry out as fast.

    I’d love to see a picture of your decorated fudge box after you make one.

    Beth 🙂

  7. Deanette

    What a great idea for the fudge! Makes me feel great to hear that Steve is making the fudge as you create the pretty container for it! How perfect is that! Love it! Hard to pick a favorite because they are all so different. Really liked the fall colors, then again loved the holiday colors and then there is the snowflake for winter! You make it hard to select a favorite…they are ALL favorites to me! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  8. Karen Halterman

    I really like your Christmas boxes with the burgundy Bo’s and Merry Christmas tags. Great little box for fudge.
    Does Steve share his fudge recipe with a fellow Iowan..up in North Iowa?

  9. Rachel Brooks

    I’d take any of them, but especially lliked the Thanksgiving one. Yes, these boxes are great – should be with us forEVER!

  10. Kay Capps

    Love your cute boxes for such a thoughtful gift! Would love the fudge recipe if Steve is willing to share? Thanks for all the ideas you share on your blog!

  11. Pat Knight

    Loved your posting about Steve, the PC pan and his fudge and of course the fudge boxes. I was one of the lucky recipients of Steve’s fudge. Thank you, thank you Steve and Beth for sharing.
    My daughter use to be a PC demonstrator. I love their products and am glad they do stand behind their products.

  12. Kathy

    I’ve heard the fudge is yummy. Great ideas for the boxes

  13. Debra Anderson

    Is there any possibility of getting the recipe for this delicious fudge?

  14. Linda Coy

    Thank you for sharing part of your life with us and giving us such good ideas. I too make lots of fudge at Christmas and give it away but (shame on me) I had not thought of putting it in the pizza boxes. I will stock up while I can. Thanks again

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