Directions for Gift Bag Punch Board altered for A2 cards


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Gift Bag Punch Board altered for A2 Cards

    • Cut two pieces of cardstock 5 ½” x 7”  Go through all the following steps with each of the two sheets of cardstock separately.
    • With paper in Landscape, line left edge of cardstock with “Start Line” shown on bottom left side of Punch Board and “Punch”

Gift box-2

    • If the paper has a upside and downside, like paper with words on it, put the paper in Punch Box upside down.  This will make the paper right side up when the bag is complete.

gift box-3 gift box-6

    • Scoot paper to the left and line it up with the left edge of the punch block. See picture. Score all the way across the top (above the triangle) and down the “L” vertical score line.

photo (17)

    • Scoot paper to the left again and line up the vertical score line you just made, with the pointer on the punch block. “Punch” Score the “Side” vertical score line. Score around the triangle and down the vertical line in the middle of the triangle, also labeled as “Side”

gift box-4

    • Scoot paper the left again and line up the pointer with far right vertical score line. “Punch”

gift box-5

  • Cut off tiny tab with diagonal cuts at both ends. See picture above.
  • Use a bone folder on all the Score lines.
  • Use Fast Fuse or stick strip on skinny tabs and bottom tabs and secure.
  • Decorate

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I would love it if you would send me a picture of your Gift Bag.

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  1. Desiree

    Great tutorial, easy to follow and understand. I think I’ll be making these for a class next week. That way they can carry their other items home in it and use it!


  2. Sareeta Ganesan

    Beth, you are awesome, thank you!

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