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Did I tell you I got asked to design for Craft Project Central again in December?  I was thrilled of course. 🙂  What this means for you is ten of my posts in December will show sneak peeks for ten different designer’s projects.  You will also get a chance to win a free subscription to Craft Project Central in December and get detailed instructions for all the projects.  What it means for me is that I get paid to stamp, which makes me very happy.  Everyone should have a job doing something they love to do!

Elegant New Year Party Ensemble made by Julie Warnick.

You can ring in the New Year in style with this Elegant New Year Party Ensemble! The festive Top Hat Centerpiece will bring an element of celebration to your party décor, while the dangling glitter balls add a touch of elegance. The easy to assemble party poppers will be enjoyed by adults and children alike when the clock strikes twelve! Finish off this ensemble with a fun shaker card that can be used as an invitation to or to send a note to welcome in the New Year.

To get instructions to Julie’s project (and many more to come), just subscribe to December at Craft Project Central.

This weekend we have plans to take down the Thanksgiving decorations and put up Christmas.  I bet you’ve done your Christmas decorating already?  Since our Thanksgiving decorations were only up for a couple days due to our construction, I decided to leave them up for an extra week and enjoy them. OK… the real reason I haven’t done it yet, is I have a very large artificial tree I put up in our family room and my family does not enjoy putting the tree together or decorating it.  I needed to give Superman a breather from all the work he’s been doing on the house and give him time to psych up to help me with the tree.  My sister’s family loves putting their tree together, but somehow the “Christmas tree putting together genes” are missing at my house. 🙂

Thanksgiving quilt made by Carol Olson.

I truly did enjoy having this quilted Thanksgiving wall hanging that my Mom made, hanging up for an extra week. 🙂

Please leave a comment and tell me your weekend plans.

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Beth 🙂



  1. Beth (Post author)

    Thanks Jutta! I’ll tell Mom you like it! 🙂

  2. jutta

    love the wall quilt that your mom made I too would leave it up a bit longer

  3. Beth (Post author)

    Me too Kathy! I have so many cards I want to make.

  4. Kathy Bolam

    Have to make our Christmas cards!

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