Casing a card

Among card makers we have a phenomenon called CASE or casing.  One definition I’ve heard is, “Copy and Steal Everything.”  I CASE cards all the time.  Sometimes I change the paper or the layout.  Sometimes I take one element I love from three different cards and put them together on a totally different card.

I saw this card recently that used a little star for the “dotted i ” in Birthday using the Stylized Birthday stamp.

StampinUp birthday card made by Marlene Heringer.

Isn’t Marlene’s card cute?!  Well when I saw it, I knew I wanted to make a card with the Stylized Birthday stamp and put a cute star to dot the “i”  I haven’t made my cased card yet, but it’s on my list.

I love it when people comment on my blog, “like” my StampingMom page on Facebook, or follow me on Pinterest.  After being a stay at home and work at home Mom (accounting and bookkeeping business) for 26 years, I’m thrilled with every little bit of affirmation I can get.  For some reason, my children don’t compliment me on my laundry skills, thank me for cleaning the kitchen, or tell me I did a good job driving them to school.  🙂

Well, Jan Ross commented on this card.

StampinUp All Occasion card made with the Flourishing Phrases stamp set by demo Beth McCullough. Please see more card and gift ideas at #StampingMom

And then she took it one step further.  She CASEd it and sent me a picture.  This truly makes my heart happy!  Thanks Jan for taking the time to comment and also to CASE and send me a picture.

StampinUp card made by Jan Ross.

I love your cards Jan! Notice how she used the same black Flourish Thinlit flower with two Enamel Shapes dots, layered the “Just a Note,” but used different DSP and changed the layout.

I hope you feel inspired to CASE one of my cards and send me a picture!  I’d love to share them here on my blog.


Beth 🙂





  1. Trip Riutcel

    I thought CASE meant “copy and share everything.”

    Love your cards.

  2. Beth (Post author)

    My oldest son, Sean, lives in an efficiency apartment in Seattle. I was always afraid he would stay messy, but we Skyped with him recently and there isn’t even a dirty dish in his sink. I think they need to get out on their own before they appreciate some of what we do!


  3. Beth (Post author)

    Hi Jan, Lots of people are pinning your cards from my blog!

  4. Beth (Post author)

    Thanks Ruth! I’m glad you like the cards. I hope you send me some pictures so I can post some more of your cards. The USA women did awesome with their gymnastics yesterday. I can’t wait for the team final tomorrow! Blessings, Beth 🙂

  5. hopemitchell

    I, too, chuckled at your home-making skill comments!
    Motherhood is pretty unglamorous until the kids are on their own – that’s when the validation comes in words as well as the perpetuation of the family traditions you inspired.

  6. Jan Ross

    Well I am honored that you placed my cards on your blog especially when I used scrap pieces to build it, but totally designed with your inspiration. The little flower stem from the Flourish thinly is very versatile. I could certainly see that on the inside of a card as well, and itty bitty projects. I would say this is a win win for the both of us. So now that you are staying home doing what you love, I think you will have lots of affirmations. Go USA Olympians!

  7. Ruth S.

    Beth, I had to laugh at your comments about your home making skills. How we can all relate to what you say! I feel blessed when I see one of my kids doing things we did when they were growing up. Obviously it meant something to them.
    I pinned this card and love Jan’s take on it. I haven’t had much time for card making lately, but hope that will change soon. Enjoy the Olympics! Ruth S.

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