Candy Cane Lane Gift Bag

Stampin Up Candy Cane Lane Gift Bag designed by demo Beth McCullough. Please see more card and gift ideas at #StampingMom

Do you have any 12 x 12 Designer Series Paper (DSP) laying around?  And who doesn’t?  Guess what?  You can make quick and easy gift bags measuring 4-1/2″x 6″ with each 12″ x 12″ sheet of paper!

Here’s the link to the directions.

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Beth 🙂


  1. Jan

    I’m always looking for new and fun ways of packaging candy. I would love getting directions.

  2. Ruby

    What A super idea to use older 12 X 12 DSP. I love it.

  3. Pat

    Very cute! Would love the directions.

  4. Sandy Davis

    I would love the directions. .I really like different ways to package the cards I give as gifts…please share soon! Thanks

  5. Sandy

    The bag is so cute! I would love the instructions. Have a good day.

  6. Kathy

    I would love to have the instructions for this cute little bag! To say that I have tons of 12×12 DSP on hand is a gross understatement! Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us!

  7. Viicki Keyzer

    What a beautiful bag. I would love to have directions please. I am always in charge of our family Christmas treats. I need a new idea every year.

  8. Ruth Fox

    Would like to have directions, always looking for a new gift bag

  9. Kathy T

    Love the size of this bag. And yes, who does not have a lot of DSP laying around?? Would love directions. TFS

  10. Barb E

    These bags are aforable! I would love to have the instructions! Thank you. Barb E

  11. Patrice

    I love this bag! I would like the directions emailed to me. Thanks!

  12. Mary Ann Heilman

    Adorable! Would love to have the directions.

  13. Carole Doody

    I would love to have a copy of the directions! So cute, thanks.

  14. Janet

    Love the bag, and would be grateful if you would share the instructions.

  15. Marlen

    Love your idea and would appreciate the instructions.

  16. Karen Emery

    Love these bags

  17. Kim Kearl

    Love the bag, I’d love the instructions when you have them.

  18. Lynda S

    Wow….so many comments. Cute to boot bag darl. LOVE it. ooxx

  19. Babe O'Mara

    I would love the instructions to make this great bag. Thanks so much

  20. Marsha

    Thanks for your offer to share the directions, I’m always in need of encouragement.

  21. Karla

    So cute! I would love the directions!

  22. Nancy Berg

    I don’t know why but my comment disappeared! I’d
    love to get the directions to your cute gift bag. What all do you put in it? I’d like to make some for our church sale.

  23. Nancy Berg

    Your gift bag is cute and yes I would love to case it with some of the “estra” DSP I have laying around. So do you really get 4 from one sheet of 12×12 DSP?

  24. Linda Imler

    Love the bag!! Thanks for offering the directions! Can’t wait to make mine.


    I would love to get the directions. I just recently subscribed and have been enjoying your posts. Thank you!

  26. Nancy

    Would like the directions for this bad. I have plenty of DSP….

  27. Nancy

    I have plenty of DSP and would like the direction for this bad.

  28. Deanette

    Cute bags! I would love the instructions! Thank you for sharing this with us!!

  29. Gail

    I would love the directions for this. So cute

  30. Saundra

    I would love to get the directions and thanks for sharing.

  31. Kathy Weiss

    Love it. Directions, please

  32. Kathy Weiss

    Very cute. Would love directions, please.

  33. Judy Gummo

    I would love the directions when you have them ready!

  34. Vicki

    I love the bag.. can you please send me the directions.

  35. Karen Pancoast

    I would LOVE the directions. I have tons of DSP laying around!

  36. Marjorie

    Love the bag. Would also love the directions.

  37. sharon

    i like the bag, would love the directions..
    thanks, sharon

  38. Andrea

    So cute! Please add me to those you send the directions to! Thanks!

  39. Mary Weiford

    Great idea to use DSP that seems to multiply! Love the idea. Looking forward to directions.

  40. JoVeta Wescott

    Love the bag & have way too much DSP 12 X 12. Looking forward to the instructions.

  41. Gail S.

    Love the idea of a bigger bag out of DSP. I have DSP dating back to the 2003-04 designs. They would be super for “get well soon”, “have a good day”, birthday, etc., in the bigger bag! Can’t wait to be gifting! Thanks so much for providing measurements and directions on your blog for us.

  42. Debbie

    Love it, it’s awesome! Love how you get a larger one out of 12 X 12 paper! Thanks so much! (can’t wait for your instructions!) Thanks again.

  43. Marilyn Mangano

    Great idea……have lots of paper I could use….

  44. Kim Duell

    Would love the directions for this cute gift bag! Thanks!

  45. Helen W.

    Please send me the instructions for this bag. Thanks!

  46. Nancy Easler

    Definitely! I love bags and boxes!

  47. Cheryl McAskill

    Wowsers! At the count of who replied! Me included…just do a Pictorial/Tutorial on your blog! Saves the time of single mailings! Just an idea!

  48. Sue Mac Donald

    love the size of your bag; thanks for when you post it!

  49. A Hug

    You can never have too many uses for paper! Look forward to seeing those instructions!!

  50. Ann Frizzell

    Love the bag. What a great idea for retired DSP.

  51. Ronnie G.

    Love this bag and love the size!

  52. Peggy Hendricks

    Great idea! I need to use a TON of 12×12 DSP!! Thanks for sharing!

  53. Carol

    This is so cute yes I want to know how they are made
    Thanks for all the cool stuff you make!

  54. Debbi

    I’d love to use up some of my Christmas stash – please send directions. Oh this is going to feel so good to watch that stash being used. Thank you so much!

  55. Kathe Madsen

    so cute! please send me dims when you have them ready!

  56. Dottie Macken

    Love the bag, and what a great idea. Add me to your list of instructions to be passed out. Thank you 🙂

  57. Sheila Klimas

    I would love the instructions. Thanks for all the work you put into patterns and directions so that we look amazing and talented..It is wonderful that you take the time to help us be creative.

  58. Denise Mouton

    Super cute bag! Yes, I would love the directions emailed to me.

  59. Pat Knight

    I would love to have the gift bag directions.

  60. Sara

    Lovely bag,
    Please include me in the instructions
    Thank you.

  61. Lucy k

    OH my gosh! I gave tons of DSP! Well, okay, maybe not tons, but inches and inches of it! Please do share. Thanks!

  62. Linda K

    This bag is great. Thank you for sharing.

  63. Jan

    LOVE it!!! Can’t wait to see how to make! Thank you!!!

  64. Suzanne Andrews

    This bag is so cute. I can just see it with Christmas paper. Please send directions. I want to try it.

  65. Jan

    Ohhhhh so cute! Love it! Anxious to see how to make it! Thank you!

  66. Melissa Tubb

    Such a darling bag! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  67. Paula Carson

    Cute bag using the candy cane lane DSP. Look forward to instructions

  68. Wendy Meinhardt

    Thanks for sharing the directions to that cute bag…and all your projects!

  69. cary

    very cute, awaiting instructions. thanks

  70. Phyllis Banks

    Great bag. Would love instructions.

  71. Nancy Brunelli

    Yes! I would love to make these gift bags. Thank you for all the creative ideas.

  72. Donna

    This is an adorable bag and I would love to have the directions if possible. TIA

  73. Kathy Bolam

    I see Christmas goodie bags for friends and family! Would appreciate instructions. Thank you, Beth.

  74. Barbara

    So looking forward to seeing the directions. I have the Candy Cane DSP and SO MUCH more and would love to have the directions. TFS

  75. Brenda Whitner

    I would like directions. They are very cute!

  76. Linda Patti

    I would love to have directions for these gift bags! Cute!

  77. Joyce Bruening

    Love the inspiration from your blog…craft and personal…love the bag. I would love too have the directions especially with the holidays fast approaching. Thanks.

  78. Pat

    That is a lovely gift bag. I would love the directions. Thank you.

  79. Joyce B

    Love the inspiration from your blog…craft and personal…love the bag. I would love too have the directions especially with the holidays fast approaching. Thanks.

  80. nancy eastaugh

    Cute idea! Love the ribbon ties. Would love the instructions.

  81. Megan Cooper

    Yes please; would love to know how to make these. Thanks so much for sharing!

  82. Chris

    I would love the directions. Really cute treat bag. Thanks

  83. judy s

    great idea, would love to know how to do this !!!

  84. Deb Meek

    Love these bags! I would love a set of directions. Thanks for sharing.

  85. Wanda Sandling

    Clever idea! I would like the instructions also. Thanks

  86. Kathy

    Cute bag! Please include me on the instructions!



  87. Jackie

    Lovely bag to put under the tree. Instructions would be fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
    Stamping hugs.

  88. Georgia Egan

    Love the bag I would love the instructions.

  89. Thelma McLaughlin

    You have such good ideas. Love the bag. Yes please I would like to receive the instructions.

  90. Debra Anderson

    Cute bag. I would appreciate the instructions.

  91. Lucy

    Cute bag! yes, I would love the directions too! Thanks!

  92. Sue Gates

    I would love instructions please. It is a lovely bag x

  93. Cathy

    Love the bag and would love the directions.

  94. Peg

    Perfect for Christmas goodies

  95. Rosemarie Cowit

    Yes! Would love the directions. I have plenty of DSP looking for a purpose!

  96. Susan

    what a cute bag. Yes, I would love the instructions. you always keep us inspired!

  97. Ruth S.

    Hi Beth, what a great idea to make a bag! I will definitely look forward to the instructions maybe use for Sharing Day! We’re having a great time travelling in Switzerland and will keep you posted. Have you reached your goal yet?

  98. Lynn Tague

    Love this bag! Will watch for directions.

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