Anniversary cards and flowers oh my!

Well, I can’t tell you how surprised I was to get two more beautiful anniversary cards in the mail!

StampinUp Petite Petals Anniversary card made by Sharon Olson. Please see more card and gift ideas at #StampingMom

This card was made by my sweet Aunt Sherrie, who has been stamping with me for 13 years!  Can you believe she put 30 Petite Petal flowers on my card, celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary? She also did the flowers in rainbow pastel colors.  Can you guess why?  Yep, I had a rainbow wedding with yellow, peach, pink, mint green, light blue and purple, the exact colors she used on the flowers on the card. I love it, thanks so much, this card was so extremely thoughtful!

I thought you might enjoy a picture of my wedding party in their pastel rainbow colors.

wedding party

My sister, Janet. is the maid of honor in purple.  She’s two years older than me.  My sister, Jennifer, is the junior bridesmaid, also in purple.  She’s ten years younger than me.  The taller flower girl is my cousin, Karen.  She is Aunt Sherrie’s daughter.  Hence why Sherrie was so familiar with my wedding colors!  The ring bear is my cousin, Kris, he’s married and has three kids.  The blonde flower girl is Shelly, Superman’s cousin.  Superman’s three brothers are all groomsman.  We had so many in our wedding party, so you probably don’t want to know who everyone is.


This beautiful card came all the way from my stamping and Bible Study Fellowship friend in Australia, Ruth.  Thank you so much Ruth!  Do you see Superman and I sitting on the fence?  Above us it says, “The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.”  This is such an appropriate card for us Ruth!  I met Ruth through this blog and she mentioned she would love to meet us if we ever visit Australia.  I talked to Superman about this and he is all for it!  Diving the Great Barrier Reef is on his bucket list.  I’ll let you know when we are able to come, probably in a couple years when all our kids are in college so we can come for a longer visit.

If any of you are coming to Iowa, please let me know, I would love to meet you.  If you would like me to visit where you live, also let me know.  I know my stamping friend in New Zealand is waiting for a visit too.  I bet we’ll make it to New Zealand and Australia on the same trip.

I had one more surprise this week.  Many of you know, last week we took Abby to our church camp in Okoboji to be a counselor for the summer.  Abby has never been away from me for more than ten days and it didn’t go well.  (In Abby’s defense, it was a few years ago.) Anyway, the door bell rang and the delivery man had flowers for me with a card attached that said, “I love you Mom and I know I made the right decision to be a counselor this summer!”  Yep, I cried.  There’s nothing I want more than my sweet daughter to be filled with peace and joy as she serves the Lord!

flowers from abby

Keegan is adjusting to his “only child” status.  Tonight he got Superman to  take him to a movie.  There are perks to being the only kid at home.  Superman would probably do anything Keegan wanted, just to be able to spend time with him!  With three kids out of the house, he knows how precious this time is.  They just arrived home and I looked at Keegan and told him there was something on his nose…chocolate Coldstone icecream.  I guess a movie date with Superman includes more than just the movie!


Beth 🙂



  1. Tonya Denton

    Such lovely cards Beth not to mention hand made special! Your wedding was just beautiful! So are the flowers that Abby sent to you! I can tell you are truly blessed with some awesome kids! 🙂

  2. Betty Kaldenberg

    I love the anniversary card with the flowers, I was also suprised to see someone from the Des Moines area with a blog for cards. I am a 86 year old great-grandma started doing cards in 2012 but haven’t met many people from Iowa .

  3. Pat Kight

    what a beautiful wedding

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