Abby’s 18th Birthday weekend

Stampin' Up Clean and Simple Birthday card made with the Wish Big Framelits, designed by demo Beth McCullough. Please see more card and gift ideas at #StampingMom #cute&simple4u #GDP074

I’ve made several cards trying to come up with the best birthday card for Abby’s 18th birthday.  For this one I used the design sketch from Global Design Project. #GDP074

I’ll show you some others I made later this week.

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Happy Birthday Abby! Abby turned 18 on February 16 and we celebrated last weekend with a trip to Chicago.  We don’t usually make a big deal out of birthdays, but this was an exception.  We actually planned this weekend last June and kept it a secret for eight months.  We told Abby and Keegan that we would be going to Chicago a couple weeks ago, so they could put it on their calendars.  Friday we drove the six hours and went to dinner at Giordano’s for deep dish pizza. As you can see this is not exactly health food, but it’s a favorite of ours and we don’t get to Chicago very often.

On Saturday we went to Water Tower Place and did some shopping.  Abby got tea from David’s Tea, a fancy “to go” tea bottle,

and a Chicago Cubs World Championship Bear from Build A Bear.  The Bear actually plays the Go Cubs Go song!

Abby named the bear Zobrist after the Cubs Second baseman.  Yep, Abby is Superman’s daughter!

Saturday evening we went for a nice dinner at Lloyd’s and surprised Abby and Keegan with tickets to Hamilton.  Hamilton is the wildly popular Broadway musical and the tickets are extremely difficult to get.  Tickets were going for around $450 a piece in Chicago.  We are much too thrifty (cheap) to spend that kind of money.  Superman figured out that with a certain credit card you could get tickets last June for shows in Chicago in February for a reasonable price.  We purchased the tickets and told not a soul for many months.  We’ve only surprised our kids one other time in their lives and now I remember why we don’t do this.  Superman and I have a really hard time not saying anything when we are super excited about something.  Abby and Keegan did know Hamilton was showing in Chicago and mentioned it on Saturday.  We had them look up the $450 price on the tickets and they understood right away that they would not be going to the show.  Both kids were so excited when they found out that night at dinner that we really were going to the show.  The show was fabulous!  They sang the songs all the way home on Sunday.  Abby already had all the words memorized last summer.  Anyway I hope this weekend is a fond memory for both Abby and Keegan for a very long time.  I know Steve and I will always cherish this memory!


Beth  🙂

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  1. Beth (Post author)

    Thanks Denise! It truly was a fun weekend and I’m glad I don’t have to keep it a secret anymore!

  2. Beth (Post author)

    Pat- Hamilton will be coming to Des Moines during the next year. You should see it when it comes.

  3. Denise Ferguson

    What a wonderful weekend! Congratulations on keeping the secret — That is SO hard! I know Abby will always remember her special birthday weekend!

  4. Pat KNight

    Wow what a birthday weekend. And I did not know Hamilton was playing in Chicago. That’s one play I would like to see but I am just too cheap! What wonderful memories you made with your kids though.

  5. Beth (Post author)

    Thanks Cindy! Abby and Keegan both had the best time ever! I am so happy we chose to do this.

  6. Tami

    She is definitely superman’s child — the resemblance is amazing! Glad you had such a great time and you know she will remember it forever. Now Keegan must be wondering what will happen for her 18th!

  7. Beth (Post author)

    Thanks Glenna! I hope the memory always makes her smile!

  8. Cindy Lindquist

    You and Superman are too much. Turns out you guys keep secrets better than you thought. Thank you for sharing your photos. Abby looks like she really enjoyed her birthday celebration.

  9. Glenna

    What a fabulous family weekend. I am sure Abby will always remember her 18th BDay.

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